Steve Allard, of South Hampton, New Hampshire died after his snowmobile crashed through the ice on Moosehead Lake in Maine on Sunday, according to

Allard and his wife were headed back to Rockwood Cottages on snowmobiles when Allard made a turn toward the mouth of the Moose River where he and his snowmobile broke through the ice, the news article reported.

It’s a heartbreaking story and a cautionary tale for those that partake in winter activities to be diligent and take caution.

Rockwood Fire and Rescue used a rescue sled to retrieve his body several hundred yards from the shoreline.

Maine Warden Sgt. Bill Chandler said in the article, “Snowmobilers need to stay aware of their surroundings and understand that ice conditions can change quickly.”

Stick to marked snowmobiling trails only and heed the caution signs. Don’t lose track of your surroundings and don’t take shortcuts. Most popular snowmobiling trails are clearly marked just for your safety. Use caution when pursuing your favorite winter sports.

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