Yesterday, the Londonderry Police Department saved some baby ducklings that had fallen into a storm grate in the Police parking lot, according to their Facebook page.

Here's their post:

Today, LPD officers noticed that several ducklings fell through a storm grate behind our police station. They were able to rescue all nine of them, but unfortunately could only reunite one of them with their mother before she left the area. We think she’ll come back to look for the ducklings in the morning, but if anyone notices a mama duck with a single duckling anywhere near our PD (up to a mile radius), please let us know!

I mean, look at these cuties!

Facebook/Londonderry PD
Facebook/Londonderry PD

Did The Mama Ever Come Back?

At this point, there is nothing on the Londonderry Police Department Facebook page and a call into the station did not immediately get a callback.  As far as we know, she has yet to return.

Here's a Happy Ending For You

If it bums you out that the baby ducks have not yet reunited with their Mama, here's a similar situation that happened just down the road a piece in Belmont, Massachusetts.  These ducks were reunited with their Mama.  She stuck around.  Video provided by YouTube, CBS Boston.

Male Mallard Tries to Mate With Female Again

This video is the BEST.  You have to check it out.  First of all, it's very zen to watch all these kids chase around their Mama.  At about 15:27 in this video, you see the male Mallard try to get some from the Female. She's having none of it!  Very funny how the translation from ducks to humans doesn't change very much!  Enjoy!

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