According to, the Amber Alert that we received this past week may have been because of a phone scam.  The alert was sent out on Tuesday to be on the lookout for a woman and her 4-year-old son.  People were asked to look for a BMW that police believed was involved with the incident.  The next day, the pair were found safe.

Take a Pause

Police are saying that if you receive a phone call, email, or any other type of communication from someone telling you that someone you love is in danger or you owe money and if you don't pay, the police are going to come and take you away, slow down.  Call the person on another phone to make sure they are okay.  Call the police on another phone to see if you are, in fact, going to be arrested.  Chances are, if you take steps to thwart the criminals, they will move on to someone else.

Criminals Are Not Just Taking Money From Victims

It is bad enough that criminals try to take money from people by telling them their loved ones are in danger, but imagine how scared the family must have been!  Something like this assumably is very stressful.  What if someone had a heart attack because of it?  It's so much more than taking money from someone.

How Do Criminals Live With Themselves?

It is important to get these stories out in an effort to reach the criminals themselves.  How do they live with themselves?  They created a circumstance of using the Amber Alert system and the memory of Amber herself.  That is so wrong!  According to, scammers target older people because they are more trusting, polite, and usually have very good credit.

Be very careful.

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