The Boston Red Sox have petitioned the city to revert what is now known as Yawkey Way, back to it's original name, Jersey Street. The street in question runs next to Fenway Park.

Over the last year, the street name has been increasingly scrutinized by many, including team owners. The team's principal owner, John Henry, has sited the franchise's racial past under former owner Tom Yawkey. Yawkey owned the Red Sox from 1933 to 1976. It was during this time, the team became the last in the league to field an African-American player. Tom Yawkey died in 1976. The street was named for him in 1977. In 2017, a stretch of Yawkey Way was renamed after David Ortiz.

Yesterday, in a statement, the team said "“Restoring the Jersey Street name is intended to reinforce that Fenway Park is inclusive and welcoming to all.” The Red Sox filed the petition with the City of Boston Public improvement Commission.

According to an article on WGME 13, Yawkey Foundations calls the move disappointing, saying "Yawkey treated every player the same, regardless of their race." The group urges the commission to reject the proposal.


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