Despite the Red Sox being one of the top five ballclubs in the Major League according to their record, Boston's starting pitching has begun to unravel a bit. Could they get a miraculous boost in their rotation sooner than later?

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Could Chris Sale's Return Be Right Around The Corner?

According to an ESPN article, his bullpen session last Friday opened some eyes and dropped some jaws in the right field confines of 'Friendly Fenway'.

But don't just take my word for it, read this quote from the Red Sox manager himself.

"He was that good. Just the energy and the quality of the pitches, the tempo, he looked really good. Really good."

- Boston Red Sox Manager Alex Cora

If Cora is trying to temper the spirits of Red Sox Nation, to make them more patient in waiting for the return of Sale for the first time since August 8th of 2019. This quote won't help much.

One of the most painful aspects of Sale's departure was how incredibly dominant he was during his last start. He chewed up the Los Angeles Angels through 8 innings giving up only two hits and striking out 13.

The game itself on August 8th of 2019, was over in an astonishing 2 hours and 16 minutes.

It wouldn't be until March of 2020 that Sale would go under the knife for Tommy John surgery. The same month that Tom Brady signed with The Buccaneers!

Talk about dark times.

Alas, hope springs eternal.

And if Sale continues to look good and feel healthy, the Red Sox could very well move him into the rotation, initially on a limited basis, weeks ahead of the original scheduled return date of 'Later this year'.

It's going to be fun listening to the rumors!

Ok, I'll start.

Could you imagine if they brought him back to face Tampa Bay next week?

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