You just know ownership is going to chop it up and sell the pieces.

Boston Red Sox via YouTube

104-year-old Fenway Park will undergo another face-lift this off season that includes replacing Pesky's Pole. The new pole should look exactly like the old one minus the thousands of fan signatures that adorn the existing pole.

There is also going to be a new, removable bull pen field wall, as well as the addition of more seating and a bar to the right field grandstand.

Also new next year will be a video board that will replace the Cumberland Farms sign in right field.

In addition, the Sox asked the Boston Landmark Commission if they could move the dugouts forward close to 3 1/2 feet so as to create 124 seats around them and add more suites to right field and left field level. The Commission vetoed those proposals.

If the last time you visited Fenway Park was only a decade ago, you probably wouldn't recognize the place.

I'll give the ownership credit, they bought an old barn, and in lieu of building a new stadium, they've been able to renovate the barn and still keep a lot of it's charm.