My Aunt Beryl passed away over the weekend, she would have turned 98 this Sunday and yet it still feels like she is gone too soon.

Train Images
Train Images

She lived right next door to my folks for all of my 45 years and there are so many great memories to share.

Whether she was throwing us candy from her second story windows in appreciation of some comedy or dance routine or non-violent parody of WWF wrestling foolishness.

Or walking her afghan hound Alfie at around thirty five miles an hour through town or the back field.

In celebration of her 90th birthday she went sky diving in Maine, loved it, and wanted to go again at 100.

She was always so excited to talk about my most recent trip to Las Vegas and wanted to go with me 'some December when the rodeo is in town'.

She was an expert yodeler and could recite The Gettysburg Address, word for word, from memory.

She loved to laugh, horseback riding and her family.

I will miss her terribly.

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