This isn't as much of a recap of the track meet as it is me bragging about my nephew Caleb and his supersonic speed. Two first place sprints on Monday night!

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When I was his age, I dreaded this meet.

Because of the small size of Gonic School back in the early 1980's I would win our school's 50 yard dash and then have to compete against the best in the entire city in front of huge crowds. I'd usually come in dead last and feel humiliated.

As you can see, Caleb does not have this problem.

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This is Caleb crossing the finish line on the 200 Meter Dash.

It occurs to me that he runs these races the exact opposite of the way I did. I also had a great distance between myself and the nearest competitor.

The Rochester Athletic Association does such a great job with this meet now because they have split the schools into 3 divisions based upon their total enrollment.

Congratulations to Chamberlain Street School, Class L Champs, East Rochester School, Class M Champs (They beat Gonic by only ONE point! AAARGH)

And to School Street School for winning the Class S Championship.

This event is always so well organized and everyone has a great time.