Another weekend, ANOTHER mysterious item that may be too nice to call 'litter', but this definitely qualifies for a sidewalk showcase.

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Scarf in a Knot

I was thinking if I showcased this littering phenomenon that it would work as a jinx and the strange items of refuse that keep showing up directly in front of my house would stop appearing. No such luck.

Sharp eyed fans of this feature will be quick to point out that this scarf is clearly on the asphalt and NOT on the designated 15 feet of sidewalk where people from around the world journey as THE prime destination for disposal.

Train Images

As you see above, it is just a few feet away from last months location, the frozen puddle embedded grapefruit and therefore has qualified.

Unlike the grapefruit, when I returned from running errands about an hour after these photos were taken on Saturday morning, THE SCARF WAS GONE!

Yes folks, it had disappeared just as mysteriously as it had arrived.

I'm assuming a passerby, or perhaps the original owner, snapped it up as it was too good to leave behind.