For as long as I can remember, Hampton Beach has been the home of some of the most incredible sand sculptures I've ever seen in my life and according to seacoast online, it's coming back the weekend of June 14 - 16th.

I never knew there were cash prizes for the winners, but apparently, there are!  The first place winner gets $3,000.00!  Not bad for a weekend's work, however, I could NEVER do it.  Even if I had the talent, I couldn't stand to see my work destroyed.

It's kinda like those monks that paint with sand, then just erase the whole thing.  All that time for ..... meditation, maybe?

Remember those blocks that you used to make snow forts with?  I used to try and make really cool snow / sand castles, but it always ended up looking like a really bad effort from the 3 little pigs to build a house that the big bad wolf couldn't blow over.  Good effort, but next to these works of art, I think I'll just be a spectator this year.

The Sand Sculpture Competition has a People's Choice component to it, so you should visit and vote for your favorite!  It could put $500 in someone's pocket!

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