Yesterday was such a fun day!  It was the 1st Anniversary of The Shark Morning Show with Sarah and A-Train and we had a few VIP's in studio.

Helen from 2 Home Cooks provided a TON of bacon.  I mean, a LOT!  She made homemade bacon-infused biscuits and bacon pancakes with a caramel bacon sauce to go over them.  I'm not kidding.  Here's Train looking the happiest I've ever seen him in a million years:


We had many in studio guests like Big Al, Dennis and his wife Robin, Jacob and Deb from SIS Bank, our own Tracey and Christine stopped by and Hugh from Eliot Small Engine and Sam The Stat Guy were both there in spirit.  Of course, she's not a guest, she lives here, like us:  Karen Kiley came in to join in the festivities!

Governor Chris Sununu also called to tell us that his office had prepared an official CITATION (the good kind) congratulating us on a great morning show and wished us many more years to come!  Yay, Governor!  He has come in to fill in for Aaron when he's been on vacation.  We had a lot of fun!

Some of our memories of the past year:

  • PARMEGEDDON!!!  (Where did that Joe Limardi go anyway?  Mine was better cuz... he's not here to defend himself)
  • Shark Week - Looking out for Sharks!  We're doing it again this year!
  • Hilltop Fun Center!  Laser Tag is NOT Train's Game
  • Shark in the Park!  We have another great line up for this year at Henry Law Park in Dover
  • Our friend Cheryl filling in for Train when he was gone.  She's a laugh riot that one!

That is just a short list of the laughs we've had.

The guy who REALLY stole my heart yesterday though, was Neil.  Neil came in to the studio here in Dover to pick up some tickets with his Dad, Jeremy and I just fell in L.O.V.E., love.  Would you look at that little 3 year old face??


Thank you to everyone behind the scenes of The Shark - Our "wicked supportive, can't believe he puts us with us" Boss, our Market President, Brian Lang.  Our VP of Everything in the World, (that's her official title) Christine Sieks, and the Ops Manager, Robby Bridges!  Yes, the one and only!  They are the brains behind our brawn.

Thank you most of all to everyone who stuck with us this year, made phone calls, came to see us at remotes, etc., etc., etc.  We LOVE our listeners the most and we have THE BEST ONES!  Here's to another year of love and laughs!

Happy Anniversary!!!  WOOT WOOT!!  One down, 274 or so to go!  (I just made up that number....)

Sarah & A-Train

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