According to a report from WMUR, bears are coming out of hibernation right now and wildlife officers are warning people to take extra precautions when throwing things away.  Watch what you put in the dumpster and other trash containers.  If they smell it, they'll come after it.

Bears are the reason I don't have bird feeders.  I live in a rural area and my neighbors have told me that they've seen bears in their yards, so, in no way do I want to attract them to my house.  According to the NH Wildlife website, here's what they say about keeping your property safe from bears searching for food:

To prevent bears from visiting backyard bird feeders, take down birdfeeders from April 1 through December 1. Also keep all garbage secured, keep barbeque grills clean, and do not leave pet food outdoors. This helps prevent property damage and protects our bears by preventing them from becoming nuisance animals that are habituated to human-related foods.

Although I would love to have a bear friend, like Grizzly Adams back in the 70's, I don't think a NH bear would be as well behaved as Ben the Bear.



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