This winter has not been very snowy.  That Farmer's Almanac that I read last summer scared me, but unless we are getting a ton of snow in March, this winter is proving to be kind of a breeze.  That's why the bears here in NH are still out searching for food.

According to a story from, NH wildlife officials warn that bears are more active because of this mild winter with very little snowfall and they are still able to look for food.  They typically hibernate from November until April, but this mild winter has been shortened that time.

The report quotes Daniel Bergeron of NH Fish and Game:

Bears aren’t actually true hibernators.....  they can wake and go back out and get food and go back in and den up for an extended period of time. So just because they’re up doesn’t mean they’re up for good.

Kinda like me in the middle of the night.  Just a midnight nosh.

NH isn't the only state having these issues, Vermont wildlife officials voiced similar concerns.

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