There are so many tales of haunted buildings and hikes in New England.  I was curious when I ran across the name of a little patch of wilderness in Massachusetts named – Satan’s Kingdom.  I kid you not.

So, I thought, wow, this has got to be a super spooky trail to hike!  Turns out not.

The Boston Globe did an article on the little-known patch of woods in the Northfield community of Massachusetts. There is a legend that the area of the forest got its name because of a forest fire back in the late 1930s.

The Globe reported that, apparently, a local pastor had a rather fiery sermon about the horrors of Hell with fire and brimstone. As the churchgoers exited the church after the service, they saw the forest was on fire.

I must admit a coincidence like that might lead me to name it Satan’s Kingdom. But fear not.

Despite that spooky name, there have been no reported sightings of ghosts or ghouls in Satan’s Kingdom, according to the newspaper, as it's just 1,800 acres of a serene wildlife management area.

The Boston Globe article does say local officials call it a “devilishly popular hiking spot.”

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