Three teenagers from the NH Seacoast are walking from the base of Mount Washington to Hampton Beach to raise awareness for Mental Health.  The three shown in a report from WMUR are Garret Roberts from Stratham, Emmie Daswani from North Hampton and Adrian Delli Colli from Exeter.  The trio founded "The Concept Project."

According to the WMUR report, they are raising money and most of those donations have come from college students.  They plan on donating it to NAMI, the National Association for Mental Illness.  At the time of this article, they have raised $6,893.  If you would like to make a donation, here's a link to their GoFundMe page. 

These three have lots of courage in many ways.  First, they had to start their trek at the base of Mount Washington during a snowstorm.  Remember how Thursday was?  That's when they left.  On Thursday - at Mount Washington, during a snowstorm.  Oh my goodness.

THEN, to have them walk all that way to raise awareness for mental illness and the challenges that everyone faces is just amazing!  After they get back, which is scheduled to happen at about 3pm tomorrow on Hampton Beach, I would like to ask them how mental illness has affected them.  I wonder if someone they know or someone in their family has challenges with it?

I know that in my family there is more than one member who has trouble with mental illness.  I've always been confused why it makes some people uncomfortable to talk about.  Everyone is affected by it.  Whether it's depression or anxiety or bi-polar or any other mental illness, the least we should be doing is talking about it.  Maybe these teenagers will bring us one step closer to doing that.

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