Our Dover correspondent, Cliff Blake, said that the whole greenhouse section of the school is gone and this video is from the demolished language wing.



This video is from the YouTube Channel, Live, Free and Drone who made a really cool video about the project:

A video showing the progress of the new high school construction in Dover, NH. The new school is scheduled to be completed by late fall 2019. Demolition of the old building will take place in late 2019/2020 and the entire project completed by the fall of 2020.


So excited for the teachers and the students of Dover to have a new, beautiful school to go to every day.  It makes a difference to the kids who go there to have a nice environment.  How could you tell a child to do your very best if you are going to a school that is a mess?  I remember a particular school that my son went to (which shall remain nameless) and he had to go to class in a trailer because his classroom was filled with water from a ceiling leak.  It was never fixed properly and they had to just deal with it from time to time.  I'm not saying that is the end of the world, because his teachers were amazing, but to have the kids in a beautiful environment like this will be such a boost for them.  I love it when we invest in our kids!

YAY, Dover!

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