There are songs that people like, then there are songs that are kind of embarrassing that are on your playlist, but you love 'em anyway.

A-Train loves Papa Gene's Blues by The Monkees.  I've never heard that song before!  Not sure I love it, but whatevs.... Aaron loves it!

We did a poll of Shark Nation and here's a few of what we came up with:

Alison Adamczyk OMG - lol. “King of the Road” by Roger Miller.

Lori Ann Grande Blinded me with science and party in the usa

Nancy Higgins Hips don't lie, Shakira and Love shack, B-52 

Mike Hemeon It's Friday. Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf


Suzanne Beauvais Don Williams- Tulsa Time....yeaaahh..

Marilyn Johnson Venus by Bananarama
Lots of songs that mean a lot to me are from when I was a kid.  I agree with Alison, Roger Miller was in my Dad's record collection, so I love him.  I was also a big Donny Osmond fan.  For my entire life, I've wanted a pair of purple socks like he wore on the TV show with his sister Marie.
Whatever song floats your boat, music is magic when it comes to changing up our moods.  Play on!!


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