However, Maine and New Hampshire have reportedly remained double fisted.

The first major storm of the season has many drivers across New England forgetting basic winter driving skills. Even the most well equipped will have a moment of  "oh, yeah...probably should back off here"  before snapping back into winter driving reality.

Then there's the less obvious reminders "don't stick your hands in the snowblower, Gary!" 

Apparently, this has become a thing in Massachusetts.

According to 7 News Boston, at least six people in Massachusetts have had to make a trip to the local emergency room because they have put their hands in the snowblower, according to a spokesperson for the Lahey Clinic.

Of course, the uptick is due to the early season one-two snowstorm punch blanketing Northern new England.

In another case, emergency personnel had to remove a man’s hand that became stuck in a snowblower. After doing that, they reportedly shoveled his driveway in Lawrence, according to 7 News Boston.

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