This week, many in New Hampshire are softening the blow to their wallet by riding their bikes to work in honor of National Bike To Work Week.

May is National Bike Awareness Month, highlighted by National Bike To Work Week. While simple logistics and geography make biking to work difficult for many, those who are able have etched Friday in as a day for two wheeling it to and from work. Friday marks National Bike To Work Day.

If it’s been said once, it’s been said a thousand times: Driving to work does absolutely nothing for the betterment of your health. Plus, surely you've noticed recent fill-ups have spiked by dollars. Cycling does as much for your health as your wallet.

However, our weather hasn't led the league in the cooperation department. It'll be fairly cool two out of the three days left this week, with Thursday being the warmest for riding. Temps are expected to rise to the mid 70's.

If this week doesn't suit you, but have been inspired to pull your bike out of the garage, here's a list of great trails/rides in the state.

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