Nearly 16 years of hard work, dependability, laughs and friendship. I certainly wasn't going to let Fish leave without giving him a heartfelt gift. See it here!

Original Nacho Cheese Doritos and Pabst!

Fish and I were roommates in Dover back about 100 years ago and the fridge was always stocked with Blue Ribbon and the cupboards were never empty because of the part time gig I had at Frito Lay.

I figured it would be a nice farewell gift package and a tasty afternoon snack as well!

FCC regulations prohibit Fish from enjoying the 24 ounces of Pabby until he has stopped operating the board at 6:45pm

Credit Josh Sazin

Nobody worked harder or was ever more conscientous than the person pictured in the middle above. We'll all miss him terribly and I miss him already.

Best of luck Fish! Don't be a strangahhhhhhh!!