I'll admit that I didn't stay up to watch the Red Sox sweep the Yankees in extra innings last night, HOWEVER, these recent stats regarding the rivalry really blew my mind.

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees
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The Yankees Are In Fourth Place


I guess 250 million dollars in payroll doesn't buy what it used to! It seems like just a week ago the national media was all excited that The Bronx Bombers were making their move to the top of the division.

Not so fast.

After dispatching the Yanks with a broom last night, The Red Sox find themselves within a game of the red hot Tampa Bay Rays (who seemingly haven't lost since Spring Training).

The Red Sox are now have a five and a half game lead over New York who has lost eight out of their last ten games.

Eleven Game Skid

Would you believe that prior to their win on Friday night, the Sox hadn't won in Yankee Stadium in eleven attempts? Going back to September 6th of 2019!

First Sweep In A Decade

The last time the Sox swept the Yankees in New York dates back to 2011.

This was the ill-fated 'Chicken And Beer' Red Sox team that ultimately collapsed and missed out on post season play. Believe it or not, it was beloved Sox manager Terry Francona's last season in Boston.

I apologize for the negative aspects of these last two stats but it's easy to put a positive spin on them.

I honestly thought that after crushing The Yanks head to head in the 2018 postseason on their way to another World Series title, not to mention the lovable 2013 team that won it all, we'd have to go back a decade to find stats that correspond with the butt kicking that Boston dished out this weekend.

I love it!

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