I wouldn't believe these people exist if not for 2 of my good friends who are psyched about more snow.

Three teenagers (15-17) roughhousing in snow, side view
Ryan McVay

My friends Kevin and Bill have always marched (or in this case, ski) to a different drummer. Case in point, they have always loved winter more than summer.

These two have the same reaction to a heat wave as I do to a blizzard. Whereas I don't mind the occasional heat wave, Kevin and Bill are sulking their way through the days when we hit 90 degrees.

On the other hand, when we get snow storms in April, and I'm fit to be tied, weather like this is like Indian Summer to the boys.

Kevin and Bill are the only people I've ever met of known who would take a 30 degree day over an 80 degree day every day of the week.

I'll give it to them, as they do seem to get more out of the outdoor activity the winter months provide. They either ski, snow-shoe or snowmobile almost every weekend.

They're doing more in the winter than I do in the summer, that's for sure.

I still think they've got to make a seasonal adjustment in their brain. But until then, live and let live, I suppose.

I do find it funny that as much as they love the snow, they still bail every time I ask if they want to come over and help me shovel.

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