So there's a whole lot of accessories that any individual can place on their automobile to customize it. There's lot of reasons why people make those customizations, from comfort to practicality to just making a statement. We'll chalk up this "interesting" ad placed on Maine's Craigslist as someone being terrifically upset that their statement piece has gone missing.

Someone neutered the backside of this M35 cargo truck nicknamed "Deuce" for 2 and a half tons it weighs. The truck itself is an absolute beast, which may have led to the decision of this individual in Cumberland to place a set of nuts on the back of the truck. And as many a good gentleman can attest, nobody wants to wake up one morning and found their nuts are missing.

As Wikipedia explains, the "truck nuts" phenomenon began in the 1980's and has continued on today. There are several different colors, sizes and materials that can make up truck nuts. Typically, they're placed under the rear bumper or trailer hitch on a vehicle so that drivers behind that vehicle can plainly see the display of a dangling scrotum.

So if you happen to see a pair of truck nuts in a place where they shouldn't be or have any information on this particular set of nuts, the individual behind the Craigslist ad is offering a reward.

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