Teachers!  We want to give you our airwaves!

We know that there are teachers from every school that are missing their kids and are doing every thing they can to stay in touch with them, so, The Shark wants you to give shout outs to your kids and tell them that you're still thinking of them and want to be there for them through some of the greatest classic hits ever made.

Each Monday morning during the Shark Morning Show with Sarah & A-Train, we'll play three songs as requested by a hard-working teacher OR one of their students!

Here's what we need from you: your name, the city/town you are in, what your home classroom setup is like (where are you at in the house, are your kids or pets around, etc), what school you teach at, your list of three songs you want us to play for you or your kids, and any shout out you want to give!

Here's an example of what it may sound like on the air if we pick your list:

"These next three songs come from Ms. Jessica at Little Tykes Kindergarten in Rochester. Ms. Jessica is missing her kids while she's at home with her dog Sandy and her cat Tacky.  She wants to give a big shout out to all her children and remind them to wash their hands!"

Just fill out the form below:



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