Lookout 'Team Jacob!' Hugh MacDougall of Eliot Small Engine and A-Train, AKA 'Team Hugh', is throwing down the gauntlet for the 2020 season. Coded messages can be found throughout this ominous selfie.

Train Images
Train Images

First of all, the obvious message is that we are going to finally take the championship after two long years suffering at the hands of the luckiest football picking team in history. The gigantic paper football with 'CHAMP' written on it will be ours, so, might as well claim it a full three months before the season even starts!

The masks and 6 feet of distancing between Hugh and myself, (besides following State health guidelines) really puts the message across that we will exhibit utmost care when making all 20 football picks this year. No more loosey goosey and/or willy nilly picks!

Notice the Wheaties Box in the middle of the photo? That is none other than the commemorative edition for Super Bowl XXXVI, celebrating the Patriots victory over The St. Louis Rams.

NOBODY gave that team a chance to beat 'The Greatest Show On Turf' and as we all know, New England overcame tremendous odds to win it all. After two years in the losers bracket, Hugh and I are ready to shock the world!

In the far corner of the room, you see 96 pats cheerleaders AND an autographed 8 by 10 of Pat Patriot himself, the official Pats mascot!

The inspiration? Got it! The intimidation? No question about it. Now we just have to hope that this photo will be the first step on the long journey to FINALLY defeat our rivals.

WOW, I really need to watch some sports. I think I need to chill out.

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