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John and Kay Doyle, originally from Newburyport, Mass had been separated for over a year because of the pandemic, according to a story from CBS/Boston.  John Doyle is 94 and he was reunited with his Kay after months and months of being apart.  They both got sick, but pulled through just fine!

John and Kay want to be together again in the same room.  Kay said that he could have the empty bed in her room at Oceanside in Hampton, NH.  John said he would have to "check with the authorities."    I warn you, this video from CBS Boston may make you tear up.

What is the Secret to Being Married Over 70 Years?

John said that it's just luck and he got lucky.  Kay said that you just have to love each other and they still do.

We should all be so lucky to have a life partner like these two do.  My husband and I will be married 10 years this August and if we make it to 70 years, we'll both be around 110 years old.  It could happen.  One of the things that we often say to each other is to remember that we are on each other's side all the time.  When we find that we are getting on each other's nerves, (which never happens to HIM, mind you... haha....) we just remember that we are teammates for life.  That coupled with the advice from John and Kay and you've got yourself a solid relationship.  Keep it simple.  Love each other, get lucky every now and again (Wait?  What?  is that what he said?)  and remember you're teammates for life.

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