As the nights get cooler and the days get shorter, the BEST apples are available at your local NH orchard. DO NOT OVERLOOK this much maligned classic.

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The McInTosh!

As I was checking out the latest varieties available at Butternut Farm in Farmington, I noticed that McIntosh is now among the choices!

You'll hear other apple maniacs like myself refer to McIntosh's as 'Early Macs' because the earlier you pick them, the more crisp and tart they are.

They are unfairly criticized because they 'keep' so well, they sweeten up the longer you keep them and can be made into pies long after they're picked.

Unfortunately, because of their longevity, people tend to think of them ONLY as the sad and mushy remains that you can buy imprisoned in those hideous cellophane bags that you find in the grocery store.

Give the 'Early Mac' a chance the next time you 'Pick Your Own' and I promise you won't be disappointed!

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