The NCAA Men's Basketball Tourney ends tonight and for the first time in years, the last game will determine which Shark listener will win a great recliner from Pete's Bargain Basement in Dover.

As you can see, DJ15 and WIZRD666 are knotted at 47 total wins. Here are the scenarios for each player to be victorious.

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Wizard666 Wins IF:

UNC wins the game OR the total points of the game is 152 or more

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DJ15 Wins ONLY IF:

Gonzaga wins AND the total points scored in the game is 151 or less.

Since Las Vegas has the over/under at 154 and UNC as a 2 point favorite, this baby couldn't get ANY closer. Great job by both players!

Thanks again to Honda Barn in Stratham and Pete's Bargain Basement in Dover for making The Shark's Million Dollar Bracket so much fun this year!