The Easter Bunny is making an appearance at Brickyard Square in Epping on Saturday, April 3 from 2:30 - 4:30pm!  The Bunny will be passing out some special Easter treats using a very cool Easter Egg delivery chute!

This event is going to be so much fun!  How could it not be?  There will also be an opportunity to take a picture with the Easter Bunny!

There are a few rules, you have to register and there can only be up to 5 people per family.  Masks are required, there will be sanitizer available and you will have to observe social distancing, of course.

Easter has always been my 2nd favorite holiday, Christmas being first.  Oh yes, my Catholic roots are showing!  Not only is it the happiest time in my religion, but it was always the happiest time of my childhood.  My Aunt Aggie, RIP, always came over the with presents for my siblings and me.  It was always a Paddle with a red ball at the end.  You remember those, don't you?  I think they still make them, but they aren't as good, that's for sure.  They are more cheaply made and the elastic on them usually always breaks.

Then there was the FOOD!  My Mother always made a big Easter ham with all the fixings.  Sometimes, I even got a new Easter dress that was usually pink and had lots of frills.  I was a girly girl when it came to Easter.

I did shy away from the color pink for years, until recently when I went to Brickyard Square, Marshalls specifically, in Epping and bought a pink sweater.  That's when I found out about the Easter Bunny's visit!  I can't wait.

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