I am an early riser, as you probably know if you listen to The Shark. On Sunday morning I got up early to head over to Marshalls in Epping, located in Brickyard Square, home to a bunch of stores and restaurants. To my dismay, I discovered that Marshalls opens at 11 AM on Sunday morning. I looked at my iPhone and discovered it was only 9:48 AM.
I decided since it was such a beautiful sunny day that I would take a walk around Brickyard Square to see if I could discover anything new. I walked around the building, made a stop at the Paper Store which had opened at 10am, passed Market Basket because they got about $200 of my money on Saturday and walked behind the plaza. I discovered what looked like man made ponds, dumpsters and doors for roof access.
The back of Brickyard Square in Epping is really rather peaceful. I could hear birds chirping and wildlife. Funny how busy Route 101 is not far away. Then it got me thinking I wonder when Brickyard Square actually opened. I do remember when it was going up, I wondered what would be going in. Little did I know that there’s a little parcel of land would be taking so much of my money.
As it turns out, this is the 10th anniversary of Brickyard Square, according to zayre.88.com. Market Basket came in first along with the Dress Barn, Rue 21 and other stores like the New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlet. Rue 21 and the Dress Barn did not survive, however, we are very excited that Old Navy is coming in in the not too distant future.
So if you find yourself looking for time to kill Before Marshalls opens on Sunday like I did, take a walk behind the plaza.   It’s rather peaceful. Now I’m off to get that piece of artwork and Marshalls it is now 11:01 AM. I hope someone else didn’t snatch it up.

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