Mink the black bear has a received a second chance at living a good life.

A black bear and her cubs were causing a lot of problems a few years ago in Hanover, NH. The mama and her cubs were scavenging for trash and even were so bold as to break into a Hanover home.

According to NH1.com, the decision was made to euthanize Mama and her cubs, but Governor Chris Sununu made the call to spare their lives and have them all relocated instead.

Mama Bear, affectionately nicknamed “Mink,” was moved about 120 miles north away from any population centers, the news station reported. The cubs were also relocated and authorities kept track of them through their trackers.

One cub sadly was killed by a hunter near Quebec, Canada, NH1.com stated.

Nothing is better than home! Despite being relocated to beautiful bear surroundings, Mink has made her way back to the Hanover area, and according to NH1.com, Fish and Game, along with the governor’s office have decided to see if Mink can behave herself.

She is in no danger of being euthanized for now.

Let’s all hope everyone finds a way to get along.

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