Ball park food is getting ridiculous! It's not even about the food anymore, it's about coming up with the wackiest edible creation you've ever seen so that the franchise can get some publicity on social media. It's a stunt. However, some of these creations end up being quite delicious and not so ridiculous, more like clever and inventive. Take, for instance, the latest wild food concoction from Fenway Park, The Lobster Poutine Stak.

What you have here is a layer of french fries with lobster meat piled on top and covered in bisque, cheese curds and chives. I'm all over that! Probably costs 40 bucks, but man does it look tasty!

Anyway, next time you take in a Sox game at Fenway, if you're feeling a bit wacky and wanna try something a little out of the ordinary, perhaps the Lobster Poutine Stak is what you crave!

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