For my money, it's my trusty 'Sno Brum'. Far and away the most valuable Christmas present per pound that I've ever received.

Train Images
Train Images

I got this thing from Santa close to fifteen years ago and it still works great. Very light and will clean the heaviest or lightest snow with the greatest of ease.

Running around the circumference of the 'Brum' is a small, sharpened edge made of the same plastic/foam that the head is comprised of and it STILL does a great job cutting through thin sheets of ice so you don't have to waste time with a scraper. (It doesn't work too effectively on the thick ice, but again, it's 15 years old.)

The most common complaint about Sno Brum that I read from the sour people that fill commentary boxes is that the telescopic bolt in the middle is broken. I think it's perfect!

With a little centrifugal force, it'll lengthen and then compact back down just as I want it to.

If you ever see anything like it, I'd definitely invest the 19.99 and get one right away!

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