I have become quite a fan of the A&E TV show 'Bates Motel'. So much so that I'm thinking about buying a large kitchen knife and a powdered wig to brandish and wear in public on the Monday that it airs.

I just recently found out that DK is a fan as well, but being the ultimate tech hipster, he has to watch the European satellite version at least a week after it airs through his Koi Vu carbonite DVR in Imax 3D hologram-vision.

This delay makes it impossible for me to discuss the awesomeness of each show for days and it is very frustrating, so I came up with a solution. Each week, I prepare a six word title of my favorite scene and communicate it to DK either through spoken word or written message. (He hates this tradition and runs with earmuffs every time.)

See if you can guess the six word title of the following scene (NSFW)

Does this creepy written message of the six word title freak you out a bit?