"We always got out of the building.  We always made our way out.  All the time.....  It didn't seem like it would happen to us."

Yesterday, December 3, 2019, was the 20th anniversary of the death of 6 firefighters in Worcester, known as the Worcester 6.

According to telegram.com, Worcester Native, actor and comedian, Denis Leary has been filming a very touching tribute to those firefighters that were lost in the blaze in Worcester that took 6 lives and could have taken many more.  This is the first of 5 mini-documentaries, each about 5 minutes and released by the Leary Firefighters Foundation.  The first one was released yesterday.

The documentary, shown here on YouTube, shows the firefighters who were there that day, remembering the sequence of events and how the fire started.  The blaze started by a homeless couple using a small campfire for heat.  They left without properly putting the fire out.



The two firefighters that went on to the roof went missing first, then four others who went to look for them were also missing.  After about an hour and a half of every firefighter available looking for the 6, the Chief called for everyone to get out of the building.  It was devastating for the firefighters who were still outside.  They were sure that the 6 men would eventually come out through the side or back of the building, but they never did.

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