Over vacation, it was a pleasant surprise to see a $1,200 pop in to our checking account.  I wasn't expecting it, but apparently, a lot of us have received a second stimulus check.

I should have known it was coming, but I was on vacation, so the only thing that I really was focused on was how many glasses of wine it was acceptable to drink before noon.  (2 is the answer, by the way.)

Anyway, the check was pretty cool, but... (there's always a but, isn't there....) there is a percent of the population that won't be receiving the $600 per person.

Seniors living with others who might claim them as dependents won't be getting the stimulus check.  I gotta say, that really upsets me.  I think about my Mom who spent some really good days sitting in front of the TV ordering from QVC.  She got some great stuff for me!  haha!  No, seriously.... it was her past-time to sit around and pick out things for the family, so why wouldn't people like her who might be living with their kids, get the stimulus check?  She orders something on QVC, it stimulates the economy, no?  Isn't that what it's for?  GAWD!  I mean, she hated Bingo, so shopping was her outlet.  Anyway, I digress....

You might fit in to these 4 categories, as cited by CBS News.



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