Meet Flash and Pinky from Kennebunk. Pinky is not only Flash's daughter, but his seeing eye dog as well.

These sweet labs are up for adoption but must stay together.

VIA - Petfinder
VIA - Petfinder

Yellow labs are my favorite breed of dog, their love of water is only outweighed by their love of treats and therefore I have always identified closely to these happy canines.

I saw this video a couple weeks ago and thought that it would only take a day for these two to find the right home.

Alas, when I looked this morning it appears that they are still at The Animal Welfare Society in West Kennebunk.

As an added bonus these two love kids AND cats!

In my experience, for the first 5 years, a lab is like a wild aquatic deer and for the next 8 or so years, they are the most adorable and lovable napping blanket you have ever seen.

Please spread the word and help get Flash and Pinky a loving home!

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