Maggiano's Little Italy in Boston is a great place to eat at any time.  We happen to be in town for a show at the Wilbur Theatre, so Maggiano's was really close.

The food is amazing!  I mean... LOOK at this chicken parm.  (Which, by the way, is served with noodles.)


The food has to be good.  They have a signed picture of Frank Sinatra!


Frank is only one of a LOT of celebrities that have visited Maggiano's.  On the way to the bathroom, I discovered their wall of fame.


Including one of my favorites, Leah Remini


This picture was signed by Muhammad Ali's TRAINER, not Ali himself.  The trainer is in the picture though.... check the upper right corner.


They have function rooms downstairs for any special occasion that you might have.  Yesterday, they had a birthday party, a graduation and a baptism, all on the same day, in one space.


My favorite picture overall was this next one.  I'm sure there are celebrities in this picture, but I don't know who they are.  All I know is, I'd love to be part of that table.

IMG_3362 (1)

There is one thing that Maggiano's has on their menu that HORRIFIED me and there's nothing they can do about it.  Each item had the CALORIE count.  Although I knew I was eating a day's worth of calories in one seating, I didn't want it in black and white in front of me.  Turns out, according to our server, it's an FDA regulation now.  Maggiano's has several locations, so maybe it has something to do with having more than X number of locations, I don't know.

Even WITH the calories, (1100 for my meal of beef tenderloin)  I had a lovely, lovely time and would highly recommend Maggiano's as the perfect place to go before you see a show at the Wang or the Wilber or the Shubert, or wherever.  And get the chicken parm.  It's to die for, with or without noodles.

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