From the remnants of the old Route 66 to the "golf ball house" that was also once a disco dance club in AZ, the sea shell factory in FL or the giant ball of twine in Kansas, America's roadside attractions are one of kind and unlike anything found elsewhere around the world.

Readers Digest collected a list of the one "must see" attraction on the roadside in each of the 50 states, and it's a motley potpourri of sights and stops for sure.

So what attraction made the list to represent NH? Nearby MA, ME?

Bangor's giant Paul Bunyan statue, towering 31 feet above the city square made the list for Maine. Now that's a huge statue.

Massachusetts' Moby Dick statue in the "Whaling City" of New Bedford is certainly a sight to behold.

Oh, and New Hampshire? Wondering what the spot you got to see in our Granite State is?

Well, it's NH Clark's Trading Post in the White Mountains near Echo Lake.

Have you seen all of them?

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