September is National Recovery Month and with the pandemic going on, the problem of addiction is only getting worse.

A friend of mine told me about a great place here in New Hampshire that has helped out her family a great deal.  Aware Recovery Care in Bedford is having great success with helping people with their additions to alcohol and drugs.

Yesterday, I was able to speak to Peter Gold from Aware Recovery Care and he told me that they approach recovery as a team, not necessarily just one on one.  Peter also told me that about 90% of people who went in to traditional recovery were not successful and researchers wanted to know why.  They did a study and found that the team approach was about 80% successful, rather than 90% unsuccessful.  They have a whole team that is in contact with their clients.

This is a hot spot for me and my family.  The pain of addiction is every day, every minute.  Thoughts of "is my loved one going to be okay today?  Tomorrow?  The next day?"  It is literally all consuming.  The most heartbreaking is when they don't go for help and they remain in their addiction.  Imagine if they actually made the call to get out from under the control of their addiction only to fall back in to it?  At least this place has a recovery rate that is higher than other programs.

If you need help, reach out to Aware Recovery Care or dial 211 to get a list of people who may be able to help.


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