The Westbourne in Wales is digitizing your alcohol intake with iPads and personal beer taps.

Facebook - The Westbourne

As much as I love shoving my way through a gaggle of drunken customers to reach the bartender for a drink, maybe there is a better way.

One pub owner in Wales took it upon himself to streamline the beer-retrieving process by combining technology and convenience into a self-service experience. The Westbourne in Wales allows customers to order their drinks on tablets and then proceed to pour themselves a cold one straight from the tap.

Some of the tables have taps built right in so you don't even have to get up for beer. Of course, it eliminates the "I-gotta-order-another-beer" excuse to leave awkward conversations.

The pub even has live webcams so you can see how many people are thirsting for beer at the automatic taps.


The owner (pictured above) said he revamped his pub's strategy to compete with the bigger chains coming into the area.

The pub experience is a crucial component to any beer-lovers life, but will technology dampen or enhance the social aspect of drinking? That is for the customer to decide (just please don't replace bartenders with androids.)

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