Wow. I really can't decide if that was the most annoying video I've ever watched or the funniest. This woman is trying to get a bear to stop eating her kayak, so she yells and screeches and pleads with the bear, but it just won't listen. BECAUSE BEARS DON'T UNDERSTAND ENGLISH!

I can't believe I stuck it out until the end of the video, but I did. I guess I was hoping the bear would push the kayak into the water, get in, and paddle away.

The bear knew exactly what it was doing. First, the woman pepper sprayed the bear, I'm sure it didn't appreciate that, but that was for her own safety and the right move.

The endless whining is probably what caused the bear to gnaw on the kayak. You can't blame her though, what else do you do?

Throw things at the bear, make loud noises, I mean if the high pitched whaling didn't scare the bear, maybe nothing would have.

I have never been involved in a bear encounter, so I don't know what I would have done. At least no one was hurt.


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