So Josh McDaniels did an about-face earlier this week and left the Indianapolis Colts at the proverbial alter regarding their head coach position.

I for one, and happy to have him back, and here are three reasons why.

1. Another chance to win a Super Bowl with Tom Brady.

It certainly wasn't the offense that came up short against the Eagles. And oh by the way, TB12 was this years NFL MVP!

2. Successor to Bill Belichick.

The Krafts have certainly chosen sides and they chose Brady. So it's more likely that Bill will leave first, if not sooner. I'm not sure if Josh is head coach material, but the continuity might count for something.

3. Where else is he going to go?

From everything I've read, by leaving the Colts hanging, he's pretty much damaged goods as far as the other owners in the league are concerned. Even his agent left him!

At the end of the day, our beloved Pats have had much success with him at the offensive helm. Why not continue it for a few more years?

What do you think? Are you glad he's back?

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