The tolls are likely to increase from 75 cents to $1 at the Dover and Rochester tolls.


Officials at the NH Department of Transportation believe raising the tolls on the Spaulding as well as other New Hampshire tolls, would mean faster completion of highway projects.

Increasing the toll from 75 cents to $1 at the Rochester and Dover plazas would bring in an additional $4.5 million per year, which would allow Exit 6 improvements on the Spaulding Turnpike in Dover to be completed in 2019, as opposed to 2021 as originally planned, said Christopher Waszczuk, director of project development at the DOT. The Exit 6 improvements would establish full-service interchange on the turnpike, which would allow drivers to travel north, south, east or west at that exit, he said."

Some of the monies raised are slated to be spent on Rt. 108 safety improvements which would take place in Rochester, Somersworth and Dover. That would be a welcome project.

I drive that route everyday between Dover and Somersworth and have noticed a marked increase in traffic, and a danger to bike riders.

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