The other day, I watched Seabiscuit for the millionth time and that got me thinking that I can't be the only one who watches their favorite movie over and over, so I took a poll of our listeners from NH and MA and here are the results, from 10 to number 1:

10:  Star Wars.  The original that came out in 1977.  The trailer is so fun to watch after all these years!


9.  The Green Mile.  One of my all time favorites too!  I fell in love with John Coffey, played by the late, great, Michael Clarke Duncan.


8.  The Godfather.  This one took me a while to watch because when it came out, I was too young.  One of my favorite all time series.

7.  Wizard of Oz.  Classic.  I think I've seen that movie at least 20 times.

6.  The Notebook.  This was on TV the other day and it made me cry like a baby just like the first time I watched it.  Everyone wants a love like Allie and Noah.

5.  Goodfellas.  "Karen!  We needed the money!"  What a great movie this is.  I could recite the dialog by heart.

4.  Shawshank Redemption.  Love the relationship between the two main characters.  Everyone needs a friend like that.

3.  Spinal Tap.  My husband, David, can literally recite every line.  The movie is stinking hilarious.

2.  Pride & Prejudice.  Don't want to sound sexist here, but all women voted for this movie.  I've never seen it!  I KNOW!  I'll have to make time to do that!

1.  JAWS!  Of course, Shark Nation chooses JAWS as the number one movie of all time.  Sharknado is tied for number one too.

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