We doubt the person who made this video has ever been to Maine. "World According To Briggs" describes his YouTube channel as a place for travel, comedy, and information. In the video about Maine, he lists the top 10 reasons why people, especially young people should not move to the Pine State. Those reasons include Maine's strange laws, the divorce rate, dangerous roads, snow, outrageous rent and Moxie.

The response from (mostly) angry Mainers and former residents is the best part of this video. As a newbie, this is my favorite comment:

This video is a blessing, because here in Maine, we don’t want anyone moving here. Stay away. We like our little bubble of woods and quiet.

Then, there's this gem:

Dude, can't believe you didn't mention the horse flies. That's the state bird in Maine. Flipping horse flies the size of your fist. Insane.


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