Seems like everyone has lottery fever, especially if you live in my town of Raymond.  We have seen our share of lottery winners lately, so if the Town was a slot machine, it would be a hot one right now.

Hitting the lottery brings on a whole bunch of new problems that you never had before, presuming that you don't have millions of dollars in the bank.  So, because I care, I thought I would share, from USA Today, the Top 5 things NOT to do if you win:

1.  Don't tell everyone you know.  People will come out of the woodwork to ask for help.  People you thought hated your guts will all of a sudden be your bestie.

2.  Don't automatically decide to take the lump sum amount.  It is true that you can make even MORE money with the lump sum, most people don't have that knowledge and will end up spending way too much, way too fast.

3.  Don't go out and buy everything for everyone, including yourself.  You'll be shocked at how quickly you could roll through that cash.

4.  Don't get celebrity envy.  Everyone, celebrity or not, puts their pants on the exact same way that you do and they have the same problems and you and me.  Just with a bigger bank account.

5.  Don't think that the laws don't apply to you anymore.  True, lots of money can buy you good attorneys, however, it may not keep you out of prison.

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