According to WMUR, there are a couple more chances for snow this weekend.  The first one later Saturday afternoon or Saturday night.  Then, the next storm system may come in on Sunday afternoon and Sunday night, with accumulation possible, but no huge numbers, thank goodness, maybe just a couple inches, so we don't have to run to the grocery store for milk and bread.

Just a friendly reminder if you're sick of snow, only 20 more days left until Spring!  The birds will be singing, the mud will be deep and the potholes will be abundant.  At that point we really aren't out of the woods for more snow until the end of April.  I remember a snow storm one year about 10 years or so ago that was on April 15th.  I couldn't believe it.  It melted the next day, but my niece was getting married on that day and I really wanted nice weather.  Mother nature listens to no one.  For all we know, it could snow in May!

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