Sarah is currently atop the ENTIRE leader board for the 2019 season of U Pick 'Em. Above all else, you need to read her quote concerning Cleveland QB Baker Mayfield. It just might change your perspective on life itself.

Photo Credit - Jodi C
Photo Credit - Jodi C

 I don't know who that is. - Sarah Sullivan

Team Sarah Picks - Cleveland

A full five weeks into the Professional Football season and Sarah has 57 wins WITHOUT any knowledge of the over hyped QB from Cleveland.

She and Jacob have a team record of (4-1)


She still instantly picked Cleveland because it is the location of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Jacob from Partners Bank (The Bank That Listens) had to pause after 'listening' to this strategy and decided that since the game isn't nationally televised, Cleveland just may prevail.


Could Sarah's unique picking style be rubbing off on her U Pick Em teammate?

Team Train Picks - Jacksonville

Hugh and I are ice cold. (2-3 overall record)

The random number generator CONTINUES to hamstring our season and we got another coin flip of a game to choose from.

Hugh thinks that Gardner Minshew is due for another 'Minshew Miracle' back home in the friendly confines of Duval County.

I think that New Orleans has been playing WAY over their collective heads lately and will lose this game more than the Jags will win it.

Don't forget to make your picks! Good Luck!

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