Ever since I can remember, I've been a music junkie.  Anywhere I could hear the latest records, I was on it.  Whether it was my transistor radio, albums my siblings would bring home, MTV or a local show that also played music videos 24 hours a day called V66, it was all for me.

In 1985, V66, according to wiki, was created by Boston DJ, John Garabedian and Arnie Ginsburg about 4 years after MTV hit the airwaves.

I loved it because it was a local show with local rock bands like Farrenheit, Morphine, Boston, John Butcher Axis, The Smithereens, 'Til Tuesday, J. Geils Band and of course, Aerosmith.

I remember watching Joe Perry and Steven Tyler on V66.

Check out this video of them doing promos for V66 (there is some NSFW language):

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